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I am a happily married mama to 2 little girls currently living in Ontario Canada, passionate about vegetarianism, gentle & attachment parenting, baby wearing, green living, home birthing, breast feeding, homeschooling, yoga, fitness and healthy living in general.

This blog was created to share recent studies, news articles, recipes and other various information pertaining to green living, natural parenting and healthy eating.

Our family's story can be found under older posts
Colic? Gas? Allergies and The continuation of our story.

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Linda Cooper said...

Thanks Ray and Nadia for a beautiful and informative website. My hubby will be glad to be with you this evening with Lilly and Rosie, our 2 veggie dogs.

I am doing a retreat this weekend but hopefully can stop in on the way back from Nelson BC

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your site, it's a great place full of informations. Thank you:)

Jamie said...

What a wonderful website! Many of the postings take me back many years when my three boys were young. I can attest to the fact that attachment parenting and prolonged breastfeeding has benefits - my boys, twins aged 19 and my oldest 21 (21 months apart!) are wonderful caring, well adjusted young men, whom I am very proud of. They are confident and well-rounded. Despite the fact that they were so close in age (challenging!) and I became a single parent when the twins were 3. Hats off to you Nadia, for continuing to spread the word.

Love and light,


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