Green Juice recipes


We really enjoy our green juices in the morning or as an afternoon refresher. My two year old is especially fond of these juices. They are a great way to get greens into your baby!

Green Juice #1

2-3 Broccoli stalks
1/2 lemon
6 Kale leaves (stalks and all)
3 apples
1/2 cucumber

Green Juice #2

1/2 lemon
1 head romaine lettuce
3 apples
1 cucumber

Interesting tidbit of information: One-third pound stalk of broccoli contains more vitamin C than 204 apples.


Terri said...

These are great! I'm happy to hear that your little one enjoys them as this gives me hope that my 7 month old will soon acquire the taste for green juice. I'm trying to think of good tropical substitutes for apples...

Nadia said...

Pineapple is great! Or you could mix it with coconut water.

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