Lunch at the grocery store

Traveling, a trip to the city or just an outing in general has always been challenging due to our dietary restrictions. The only options are Wendy's for their baked potato and salad (fries occasionally) or Subway. (even though they look at me every so strangely after I confirm that yes I am in fact CERTAIN that I do not want cheese on my sub). Harvey's has a decent veggie burger which is vegan, however our 2 year old daughter is not fond of faux meats so that restaurant is usually out.
Most restaurants do have vegetarian options available but to find a dish which is egg and dairy free is extremely difficult.

We had to travel to the city today as our baby had her 6 week appointment with the midwives. We had a few more errands to run which meant we wouldn't be home in time for lunch. Nobody felt for the usual options so off to the grocery store we went!

Our lunch consisted of Vegetarian sushi with avocado, carrots and cucumber, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries mixed and whole wheat buns. There were other options as well such as various salads, rice snacks, bananas, oranges, soy yogurts, snack bars etc!

The grocery store is an excellent option if traveling or just out and about. There are extremely convenient as the location is guaranteed to be wherever you are headed. There are endless options for a quick lunches which are easy on your wallet!


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