Baby wearing is something I came across shortly after having my first child. It proved to be quite the life saver for us. She was instantly calmer, happier and more peaceful and fussing ended as long as she was held against my body. Having my hands free also allowed me to get things done around the house with ease. Wearing both of my daughters has been something that just felt right, and after carrying them for 9 months in my womb it seemed natural that they would thrive the more they were held.

Studies have shown that babies who are held often, cry and fuss much less. In various cultures where baby wearing is an everyday normality, crying babies is very rare as opposed to babies in the Western culture who often cry for hours each day.

Dr. Sears who is an advocate of attachment parenting says: "Sling babies spend more time in the state of quiet alertness . This is the behavioral state in which an infant is most content and best able to interact with his environment. It may be called the optimal state of learning for a baby. Researchers have also reported that carried babies show enhanced visual and auditory alertness. "

There are many different kinds of carriers. I have tried quite a few of them over last couple of years. Some hits and other misses. If you are new to baby-wearing I highly recommend visiting The Baby Wearer. Most of the carriers available on the market are listed under the Product reviews section, where you can read what other mothers have to say about their experiences. There is also a For Sale or Trade forum where you can buy a variety of different carriers in new or gently used condition.

My first sling was a fleece Peanut shell which I used when she was a few weeks old. I loved the stretchy softness and the ease of use, however after I lost a few more pounds the pouch became too big. Fleece has a tendency to stretch, which makes the sizing hard to figure out (although I have heard rave reviews on Kangaroo Korner fleece pouches). Since then I have purchased a couple of Hotslings which have been great. They are made from cotton and have a slight stretch to them. Once your baby gets too bid to carry in the front or in the cradle position, you can start wearing them on your hip. This is great when your one year old or two year old toddler is having a melt down when you are in the middle of cooking dinner!

The pouch style carrier is great as it is easy to pop the baby in and out when shopping or just out and about, however ring slings have become my favorite all round carrier. I love that I can adjust the sling throughout the day and use the tail as a cover for nursing. Because of the adjustability factor, my husband can use it as well if need be. The double layered silk or linen are super comfortable for heavy babies or toddlers. Regular slings also fare very well.

Mei Tais are a different type of carrier. A square- or rectangle-shaped piece of fabric with straps on all four corners with which to carry your child on your back or front. The "traditional" mei tai originated in Asia and has a history that stretches back hundreds of years. It has become more popular in the Western world due to its comfort and versatility. My absolute favorite is the Kozy. I have also heard wonderful things about the Beco.

Wraps are simply a piece of cloth with which you can wear your baby. There are woven wraps, stretchy wraps and hybrids (a cross between stretchy and woven). The stretchy wrap (such as the Cuddly or Moby) are excellent for newborn babies. I used mine exclusively for the first 3 weeks with my little one!

Included in the “How do you wear?” Mr. Linky over at Adventures in Babywearing.

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Desiree Fawn said...

Great post! I love babywearing <3 We have a CuddlyWrap, which is my favourite right now. She's just about 10 weeks old. We also have a baby bjorn which I think will be nice when it's warmer out cause she's not as snuggled in, and we also have a heart to heart wrap which will be nice when she's bigger since she doesn't like laying down in a sling much. It will be neat when I can carry her on my hip too ^_^

Adventures In Babywearing said...

This is GREAT!


Upstatemomof3 said...

I love my moby wrap! I never got the hang of slings though. I want to love them but we just don't :(

Summer said...

I'm about to try out my first pouch styled sling when baby #3 is born. I can't wait, they look so easy to use!

Future Mama said...

I loved this post! I'm not sure what the downsides to babywearing are but I think it's so cute! It may be so fun to wear my baby around!

I'm loving your blog, it's very helpful!

Paige said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I have a sling also and I like having the tail for nursing and it is so adjustable which the moby isn't. I'll have to try a mei tai because I've heard good things about them.

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