Jennifer Wolfe's Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga DVD review and Giveaway!


I am a firm advocate of yoga before, during and after pregnancy. It helped me get back into shape with my first daughter as well as fix some back issues I was having due to breastfeeding. The styles of yoga which were most beneficial for me were Vinyasa flow and Ashtanga.

The problem for me however, is that most pregnancy workout or yoga DVDs were too...dull or slow paced for my liking. I wasn't able to find a prenatal yoga/workout DVD which gave me a satisfactory workout until I found Jennifer Wolfe's Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga DVD. I had read rave reviews on and am pleased to say this DVD set lived up to the reviews.

By integrating this yoga practice into my week, I continued to strengthen my body, arms and legs throughout my pregnancy. Overall I felt much stronger, flexible and more relaxed then I had with any other form of exercise. I also found that it made a difference during my labor and during post-partum recovery. It was easier to bounce back, compared to the first time around.

Yoga has been known to:

*Increase Your Energy During Pregnancy
*Alleviate Lower Back Pain
*Prepare your Body for Labor and Delivery
*Connect with your Baby
*Decrease Anxiety and Stress
*Be Fit and Active During and After Pregnancy
*Speed up Postpartum Recovery

This DVD is very well done and never cheesy unlike some others which I have tried. Jennifer has a very calming voice and teaching style which makes you feel comfortable throughout the classes.

Jennifer Wolfe
is a Prenatal and Vinyasa Yoga instructor, Doula, clinical and medical hypnotherapist, childbirth educator, and Reiki master who has studied yoga for the past fourteen years with a variety of instructors including Doug Swenson. She has prepared thousands of pregnant women for childbirth and provided doula support in over 300 births at Mills Peninsula, Sequoia, Kaiser, Stanford, El Camino, Good Samaritan, Valley Care Medical Center, Pleasanton Birth Home, California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC), and UCSF hospitals.

Some reviews: 2007 Gear Awards
Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga "Top Gear of the Year Award"


"makes you feel good, even with a big belly,"
"My arms and legs got a workout, and I felt stretched, connected and relaxed."

This Dr. Mommy used this practice for 2 pregnancies DB (San Carlos, CA)
As an MD, I'm often skeptical of the promises a lot of yoga dvds make. Jennifer Wolfe's vinyasa practice exceeds all expectations.

I used this vinyasa practice throughout both of my pregnancies. I became stronger as each pregnancy progressed, so that I was able to achieve my goal of natural childbirth with energy left over.

You will work hard, sweat a lot, and be as prepared for childbirth as you can possibly be. I can't recommend this dvd highly enough!!!

Jennifer has generously offered 1 of our readers her Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga short forms and long forms 2 DVD set! This set includes

* 15, 30, 45 & 75 Min. Practices
* Safe Modifications for all 3 trimesters
* 10 Minute Partner Routine with Doug Swenson
* 5 & 15 Minute Relaxtions

Retail Price: $26.95 US

How to Enter:

* The contest starts Monday May 4, 2009 and will end on Sunday May 31, 2009 @ 11:59pm. I will announce the winner in a post on Monday June 1, 2009. A winner will be picked using Random.Org
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Thanks for entering and good luck!!


Diana said...

would love to try out some yoga, need to relieve some stress!

Angie said...

Sounds like an amazing set. I would love to enter!

Anonymous said...
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notworthwriting said...

I would love to have this.

notworthwriting said...

I twitted about this...mtymom

Crystal P said...

I would really love this!

crystalmarieporter at gmail dot com

Emily B said...

This looks great. I used to do yoga but stopped when we moved to a small town without a gym. I miss it! Now would be the perfect time for this dvd in our house!

agordon10 said...

hope i win

mverno said...

great prize i'd love to win it

Nicole said...

I would love to have something like this so I could continue working out while being pregnant.

kathy pease said...

Thanks for the GREAT giveaway
please count me in :)

mmentor said...

sign me up

Marianna said...

Thanks for the chance to win!

Andria said...

I would love a chance to win. Thank you.

chromiumman said...

we'd love to give this a try

Deb K said...

Please enter me~I would love to win this!

kngmckellar said...

This would be great for a menopausal woman that I am needing to get in shape!

Anonymous said...

I haven't tried Yoga but would love to.

ky2here said...

I guess Child's Pose is a given.

macbump said...

This would be perfect! Last time I went to a yoga class I took my infant and my 6yo and it was a disaster. To be able to do it in my would really make a difference for me!

Christian e Naomi Sampson said...

Wow! I love this chance to win, well some help to better health and happiness. I've tried yoga few years ago. LOVE IT! but I'm still a beginner practitioner. I'd love to help my very bad back this way, specially in pregnancy :)

jlmk said...

I dabbled with yoga after a neck injury 9 years ago. Recently, I rededicated myself and started taking classes. As we're not trying for our first, I know I want to keep up the practice, but also know I won't be able to keep up the pace of the current class I take. I would love this program to keep up my practice at home throughout my pregnancy.

Ryan, Corrie, and Max said...

Wow, this would be AMAZING!! My pelvis separates too far during pregnancy, so most forms of exercise, such as walking, jogging, bike riding, are out of the question. I've only ever heard good things about yoga while pregnant!

Ryan, Corrie, and Max said...

I tweeted!

Domanda3 said...

This would be fantastic. I have been wanting to do yoga this pregnancy and would really use this!

ktgonyea said...

Count me in please :)

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erma said...

I would really love to try this. Thanks for the chance to win.

Jammie said...

I am not pregnant as of yet we are working on baby #2 however with my weight this might be one thing I could do. Since it is geared to pregnant women

rbailey1958 said...

Wanna win

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