Biodegradable plates, cups and cutlery


How neat is this! Plastic cups, paper plates and lots of styrofoam are used quite often during gatherings or picnics. This biodegradable picnic ware is made from cassava fiber. For those of you not familiar with Cassava, it is the plant which tapioca is made from. Everything is re-usable if washed carefully, however if left standing in water, it will decompose within a week. What is so cool about this crockery is that it literally disintegrates, returning the natural starch back into the soil!

Please Note:
  • Picnic ware made of cassava fibre. May be reused if washed promptly dried with care
  • Tablecloth made from 65% Polyester and 35% Combed Cotton
  • Cutlery is made from wood
  • Plates, bowls and beakers can be composted!
  • Packaged in a biodegradable bag!
    • 4x Plates
    • 4x Beakers
    • 4x Bowls
    • 1x Wooden cutlery set
    • 1x Camouflage tablecloth

    • 4x Plates
    • 4x Beakers
    • 4x Bowls
    • 1x Wooden cutlery set
    • 1x Gingham tablecloth

For more information or to purchase this picnic ware please visit Firebox.


panton_439 said...

Great Post!
Biodegradable products must be in every house.

Unknown said...

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