Breech Vaginal delivery is the better option


I was so excited to see this article in the Globe and Mail the other day!

C-sections have always been the way to deliver breech babies. The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada is now launching a program for physicians to teach breech vaginal delivery.

Cesarean sections have always been a risky choice as the incisions which are made can lead to increased chance of bleeding and infections. It can also cause complications in later pregnancies. Many people don't realize that it takes the mother longer to heal from a Cesarean section then it does for vaginal delivery.

The national average for babies delivered via cesarean section in Canada is 25 per cent.

Physicians should no longer automatically opt to perform a cesarean section in the case of a breech birth, according to new guidelines by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada.

Since 2000, C-sections have been the preferred method of delivery in breech births. Studies suggested that breached births were associated with an increased rate of complication when performed vaginally.

As a result, many medical schools have stopped training their physicians in breech vaginal delivery.

The problem now, according to Dr. Lalonde, is that there is a serious shortage of doctors to teach and perform these deliveries.

With the release of the new guidelines, the SOGC will launch a nationwide training program to ensure that doctors will be adequately prepared to offer vaginal breech births .

The new approach was prompted by a reassessment of earlier trials. It now appears that there is no difference in complication rates between vaginal and cesarean section deliveries in the case of breech births.

The SOGC stresses that because of complications that may arise, many breech deliveries will still require a cesarean section.

“The safest way to deliver has always been the natural way,” said Dr. Lalonde.

“Vaginal birth is the preferred method of having a baby because a C-section in itself has complications.”

"Breech presentations occur in 3-4 per cent of pregnant women who reach term. That translates to approximately 11,000 to 14,500 breech deliveries a year in Canada."



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