"Meat Free Monday" hosted by Paul McCartney


Meat Free Monday is a campaign which was launched on June 15th 2009. Its aim is to encourage people to remove meat from their diet for just one day a week, thereby reducing their carbon footprint.

The campaign was created and run by a team of environmentalists, including Sir Paul McCartney and his daughters Stella and Mary.

The dominant objective for the campaign was to fully engage with three key target groups.

a) Those with an environmental or ethical interest and motivation
b) Those who are considering reducing their meat consumption predominantly for health benefits
c) Vegetarians – who could help spread the Meat Free Monday message to their friends/colleagues/family etc

The challenge for Meat Free Monday was to address the diversity of the target groups. Vegetarians, meat eaters and those with environmental motives all have different priorities. By completely understanding the target groups, together with the campaign’s brief, Silver Chair devised a digital strategy to allow these targets to become one force with a common goal.

The hard-core environmental facts…
The UK’s Food Climate Research Network suggests that food production from farm to fork is responsible for between 20-30 percent of global green house gas emissions. Livestock production is responsible for around half of these emissions. The more meat we produce and eat the bigger that carbon footprint will get. A sustainable future demands that we cut down - and yet between 1961 and 2007 the world population increased by a factor of 2.2, but meat consumption quadrupled, and poultry consumption increased 10-fold.

As a result the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has concluded that the livestock sector is ‘one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global.

(photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images Europe June 15, 2009 )


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