Allergic to WiFi?

Steve Miller, a club DJ has claimed he has a powerful allergy to Wi-Fi internet waves or "electrosmog" which leave him feeling dizzy, sick and disorientated.

Mr. Miller apparently isn't alone. He is among the two per cent of the population who claim they suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensetivity.

Mr Miller told The Sun: "I feel like an exile on my own planet. It's almost impossible to find somewhere without Wi-Fi nowadays.

"If I fancy a pint I have to travel three miles to the only pub in my area that doesn't have it. I can't just go to the shops because huge parts of the high street affect me.

"If I go somewhere, I can instantly sense the Wi-Fi and have to leg it."

The only place where he says he can escape the "electrosmog" is in his own home – a detached house with 18in thick granite walls in a village near Falmouth, Cornwall.

How horrible to have an allergy to Wi-Fi signals! The number of business and residences using Wi-Fi has increased and continues to increase steadily.



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