Chemical free Natural swimming pools

Natural Swimming pool in Peloponnese, Greece, 2008

Swimming pools without the use of chlorine or alguicides? Natural swimming pools are a natural alternative to enjoying clean water without the aid of chemicals. What makes this possible is the reproduction of a micro-eco-system formed by biological agents that protect water as it does with natural lakes.

The treatment consists of organic compounds of aquatic plants and micro-organisms.

Surplus nutrients and impurities, as well as harmful bacteria, are transformed by plants and natural water organisms.

Because around half of a natural pool's space is devoted to aquatic plants, it is as much a garden feature as a pool and can be admired year round without the need to be covered at the end of summer. It is constantly alive and evolving, changing with the seasons, and even maturing over the years, allowing the plants to grow into their habitat.

Conventional swimming pools as well as natural lakes and ponds can be converted into natural swimming pools.
St John's Wood, London, 2006

Surrey, 2008

Oxfordshire, 2007

Pictures and information courtesy of Garten Art. Please check them out for further information as well as before and after photo galleries!


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