Bell Canada and Sprint Launch Samsungs Eco-friendly cell phone


Sprint has already launched the Samsung Reclaim M560 but it will be available to Canadians through Bell Mobility around mid September.

The Reclaim is made from bio plastic materials which are corn based and 80% of the unit is recyclable. The charger is Energy Star approved and the phone itself comes in your choice of blue and green.

It comes with a 2.4 inch display (resolution of 320×240), a slide-out 4-row full QWERTY keyboard, MP3 Player, 2 megapixel camera with video capabilities, mold up to 32GB with a microSD card, 3.5mm headset jack, messaging options (IM, text and picture, plus e-mail), built-in GPS, web that displays full HTML pages.

The phone’s price and exact release date through Bell is unknown at the moment (Sprint sells it for only $49.99 with a contract agreement for 2 years).



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