Experts suggest eliminating sandwich meats from children's lunches


The World Cancer Research fund is suggesting that families eliminate processed meats from their school lunches and use poultry, fish, low fat cheese, hummus or lean meats as sandwich fillings as processed meats increase the risk of cancer. They aslo said that although the research has not specifically looked at the effect of eating processed meat in childhood, the 'convincing' evidence in adults makes it important to teach children to avoid it where possible.

Scientists estimate that in the UK about 3,700 bowel cancer cases could be prevented if everyone ate less than 70grams of processed meat a week, which is roughly the equivalent of three rashers of bacon.

''Including sandwich fillers such as ham and salami could mean children get into habits that increase their risk of developing cancer later in life,'' the charity said.

''It makes sense for children to adopt a healthy adult eating pattern from the age of five.'' The fund said it was best to avoid processed meat and ''many of the habits we develop as children last into adulthood''.

In 2007 the fund noted that there was convincing scientific evidence that the risk of bowel cancer increased due to consumption of processed meats. They recommended people eat no more than 70g of processed meat a week - the equivalent to three rashers of bacon.

They also said that curing, salting or adding preservatives to meat, can introduce carcinogenic substances.

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The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

Your blog is so fresh and clean looking! I love it! Hey, do you mind if I link to this post on my blog? I'm always telling people how awful hotdogs are and such, and this is very great info!

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Thank you so much! Sure go right ahead. I also have a button on the left side that you can grab if you want.

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Maggie May said...

this is SO TRUE. i don't let my family eat sand. meat unless it's from Whole FOods or Henrys and nitrate free

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