PETA's names 70 year old Mimi Kirk as sexiest vegetarian over 50


Mimi Kirk was recently names PETA's sexiest vegetarian over 50. At 70 years old, the Ramona citizen is 20 years over the minimum age to be eligible for the contest. Mimi who is now vegan turned vegetarian at the age of 30. She says, "[There's] no doubt that I'm in such good shape for my age because of my diet." I swear I feel like I'm in my 20s!"
Protecting her health was only one of the reasons why Kirk kicked the meat habit four decades ago. "I know the cruelty that goes on when we don't even have to eat meat to be healthy," she says. "Most people are so far removed from how animals are treated and the terrible impact on the planet [that results from] farming these animals."

"Mimi is living proof that going vegan is a great way to protect your health, boost your energy, and ramp up your sex appeal at any age," says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. "After all, what's sexier than someone who exudes passion and compassion?

Kirk's dedication to her healthy diet and lifestyle is contagious. Her children are also vegetarian, and over the years she has convinced many of her friends to kick the meat habit. She worked as a stand-in for Mary Tyler Moore in the '70s, and she designed clothes for Valerie Harper on Rhoda. Kirk enjoys working out, tending her award-winning garden, traveling, and spending time with her boyfriend, who's 19 years her junior.



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