Severe migraines can be caused by infidelity


How interesting. The guilt of having an affair or being unfaithful in a relationship can trigger extreme migraines according to researchers.

In a small minority, migraines can be severe enough to lead to cerebral aneurysm.

"This type of headache can be exacerbated by a series of factors like aphrodisiac food, performance-enhancing drugs, physical strain and psychological stress caused by the need to keep the relationship secret," Dr Lorenzo Pinessi told a conference in Milan.

"It can trigger extremely strong migraine attacks lasting up to three hours. In three to four per cent of cases they may cause a cerebral aneurysm. The danger increases if the relationship is illicit or extra-marital."

Eating or drinking foods such as Champagne, shellfish, wine, cheese and chocolate could make migraines worse.

The solution to the problem? Stop cheating!

"Try and cool it, take time-out from the affair and have a brain scan."



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