A town in Belgium introduces "Vegetarian Thursdays"


A town in Belgium has declared that every Thursday will be an official "Vegetarian Day" in order to fight climate change. This was actually announced before Paul McCartney official launched "Meat Free Monday".

The city, Ghent is 30 miles west of Brussels Belgium. Municipal restaurants are said to limit their meat to an alternative section of the menu on Thursdays. Tom Balthazar, a Ghent city councilor, says abstaining from meat one day a week "is good for the climate, your health and your taste buds."

The UN says meat production is responsible for nearly one fifth of greenhouse gasses, hence Ghent's decision for the weekly vegetarian day.

Schoolchildren are set to follow public officials with their own "veggiedag" in September.

The Ethical Vegetarian Alternative, Belgium's national vegetarian organisation, said: "Ghent, in co-operation with the vegetarian organisation EVA, is determined to go the extra mile in our common battle against climate change. Other Belgian cities have already shown interest in following Ghent's example."

I am so glad that these countries are introducing healthier alternatives and educating people on healthy eating! Hopefully America will soon follow suit as its the one country whom I believe needs the most help.



Kris said...

Very interesting. The stigma about vegetarians and that it's just about animals needs to change. It's so much more than that. Even though I go through fazes, it's so important to know how much land and water was destroyed/used to make just one hamburger. The statistics are frightening!

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