USBCell: Rechargable batteries via USB


There are over 15 billion Alkaline batteries which are made and then thrown away, every, single year. This new eco-friendly alternative can be used hundreds of times and can be recharged by plugging into your USB port. The batteries can also be recycled. If you live in the UK just mail the batteries back to Moixa Energy they will take care of the recycling bit for you. The USBCell is available in AA format however will be available in the following formats soon:

*AAA Batteries

*C/D Size

*Phone & Device Batteries for PDAs, major phones and portable devices

*9V Battery Cell & other prismatic forms

The AA version runs for
£10.83 (aprox. $19.50 CAD).

For more information or for a list of retailers please visit USBCell.


Elise said...

Hello, I just had to leave you a note because I've so enjoyed reading your posts today. You have the most gorgeously beautiful site - best wishes & thank you ..

Nadia said...

Thank you so much Elise! It is always nice to hear positive feedback. I'm so happy to hear that you are enjoying the site!

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