Eco-Friendly Christmas Trees For Rent


Renting a live Christmas tree for the holidays might be the perfect solution for those looking for an eco-friendly alternative.

The Original Living Christmas Tree Company began this trend in 1992, however since then companies and non-profit groups such as Adopt A Christmas Tree in San Diego, and Ever Grow Christmas Trees in Vancouver, British Columbia have begun offering this service to people in their area.

The Ever Grow Christmas Trees in Vancouver does state that this service may not be for everyone as they may not appear as "perfect" as others and do require basic cares.

Their five reasons for renting a live tree:
  1. It's alive. The trees keep on growing. You can even request to have your tree back the following year. When your tree becomes too big to live in its pot, it will be planted outside where it can continue to grow, sequestering carbon and converting greenhouse gases to life-giving oxygen.
  2. Ultimate convenience. Tree delivery and pick-up to and from your living room or business. It's that simple. Avoid a trip across town and the hassle of wrestling a tree to the roof of your car.
  3. Locally grown. These truly are 'green' Christmas trees as minimal energy is used to bring your environmentally friendly tree to you.
  4. No mess. Unlike cut trees, live trees are not a significant fire hazard. Consider them like a house plant: alive and actively transpiring. All you need to do is to make sure your tree gets water.
  5. Forget that old tree stand. The sturdy pots our trees grow in negate any need for a stand or support. Your tree is ready to decorate as soon as it is set down on your living room floor.

Prices range from $80 and up and usually include deliver and pickup. There are many different types of trees to choose from that range in size from five to seven feet in height.

If the prices aren't in your price range or you don't live in the areas which offer this service, another option is to buy your own potted tree this holiday season. You can either re-plant the tree in your own backyard or donate it to your local parks department.


Photo Credit: Ever Grow Christmas Trees


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