Ecosia: The Green Eco-Friendly Search Engine


Watch out Google! Ecosia, a brand new search engine launching this month is not only green but it also helps to save our rain forests! 2 square meters of rain forest is said to be saved with each and every submitted search.

Christian Kroll, the founder of this innovative company says the servers are run on green electricity and 80% of all income produced through sponsored links will be donated to the World Wide Fund for Nature. Search results and sponsored links will be provided by Yahoo! and Bing.
"I think that by combining Yahoo and Bing we can keep up with Google," said Kroll, 26.

Kroll, who is from Germany, founded another environmentally focused search engine called Forestle in 2008. Forestle was popular in Germany, Kroll said, but it didn't attract the attention of international markets.

"I wanted to make the idea available to the world," Kroll said. "That's why I founded Ecosia."

World Wide Fund for Nature said in a press release, "An average Internet user can protect about 2,000 square meters of rainforest every year by using Ecosia -- this is about the size of an ice hockey field. If only 1% of global Internet users accessed Ecosia for their Web searches, we could save a rain forest area as big as Switzerland each year."

Ecosia is available right now although it officially launches Dec. 7 on the day of the World Climate Summit in Copenhagen.



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