RECALL: Beef Products From National Steak and Poultry


Oklahoma company National Steak and Poultry began a voluntary recall of approximately 248,000 pounds of beef products due to possible e. Coli bacteria contamination.

Officials from the U.S Department of Agriculture said that so far there have been illnesses reported in six states including Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, South Dakota, Washington, and Michigan.

The types of beef included in the recall consisted of beef shoulder, tender medallions, philly steak, sirlion steak, boneless beef tips, sirlion tips, and others. The brands include Carino's Boneless Beef, EGN, KRM, Moe's Beef Steak and various National Steak and Poultry products.

All of the recalled beef had packages labeled with EST. 06010T and were all labeled National Steak and Poultry. For more information call 866-439-7348 or visit for a list of the recalled products and their case codes .



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