Sony Ericsson Introduces Elm & Hazel - Eco-Friendly Phones


The Elm will be available in "Metal Black and "Pearly Rose"

Sony Ericsson has just introduced two brand new "green" cell phones which are made to reduce the CO2 emissions. Aptly named Elm and Hazel, these devices are manufactured from recycled materials and are free from hazardous chemicals. The power adapter consumes less power compared to other chargers and the whole bundle comes wrapped in green packaging!

The Hazel will be available in "Passionate Rouge" and "Superior Black

Both phones are fairly similar and include onboard GPS, dual band 3G, 280 MB of internal memory augmented by microSD cards as well as a 5mp camera. The screen on the Hazel is 2.6 inches where as the Elm is a little smaller at 2.2 inches.

Pricing details have not yet been released however both phones will be available in 2010.


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