Ants Found In McDonald's Breakfast Burrito


-Just one more reason not to eat at fast food joints!

After waiting in line for 15 minutes at a McDonald's restaurant in Markham Ontario, 28-year-old Tommy Lam ordered two sausage and egg burrito combos to go, only to find one of them lined with 50 dead ants.

"It was disgusting!" Lam told the Sun yesterday soon after he said he made the gruesome discovery.

Soon after, they sat down to eat at his business, Jewellery Box, just around the corner at Steeles Ave. E. and Middlefield Rd. That's when Lam claims they spotted dozens of ants inside and outside their burritos.

Luckily the ants weren't moving however Lam discovered them after finishing his first sandwich. Whether it too was laced with ants, Lam isn't sure.

He doesn't even want to think about it.

"I still can't believe this happened!" Lam said, shaking as he recalled the ordeal.

The most disturbing part of this entire story is what happened when he returned the food to the franchise. The manager offered to replace the burritos however no apology was made.

Lam said he later tried to contact McDonald's head offices and his local public health department, but he wasn't able to reach anyone over the long weekend.

However, he still has the burritos and he vows that first thing tomorrow morning he'll be demanding some answers.

The Sun reports calls made to the staff at the McDonald's location in Markham were referred to the company's head office while the York Region Community and Health Services also could not be reached for comment.



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