Lululemon Launches Iviva Athletica For Tween Girls


Lululemon Athletica one of the top manufacturer and retailers of yoga-inspired athletic apparel is planning on introducing a new brand called Ivivva Athletica, geared towards 6-12-year-old tweens.

Initially the company wants to focus on girl's products alone which would retail exclusively through their three stores in Vancouver, Victoria and Calgary. The gear is designed to be worn during gymnastics, dance, figure skating, field hockey, track and field, soccer and other sports, as well as regular daily activities.

“We are an entrepreneurial company that never stops innovating,” asserted Lululemo
n CEO Christine Day. “We have listened to feedback from our guests and are excited to introduce Ivivva... We believe this market is underserved and we are excited to create something to inspire a younger generation to be physically active.”

The new line will feature brighter colors and other unique elements along with the same signature fabrics and technical design features Lululemon is known for.



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