Starbucks Adds Vegan Cookies To Their Menu


Yeah! Its about time!

Ecorazzi has reported that Starbucks is now carrying Lucy's cookies - a healthy line of gluten, dairy, egg and nut free cookies that taste delicious.

According to the company’s site:

“Our Quality Assurance Program incorporates three key standards you and your family can count on:

We only buy raw materials from carefully selected producers, thus reducing or eliminating the chance for allergen contact before we use the ingredients.

We use the best available methods to ensure there are no detectable allergens from our testing list: gluten, milk, eggs, peanuts and almonds.

We don’t allow any of these items into our bakery. In fact, peanuts and tree nuts aren’t even allowed in our building!”

We tested Lucy's cookies out recently and loved them! Unlike many allergen free products, these had a wonderful texture and flavor. I'm so happy to see that Starbucks is finally catering to those who are vegan and/or those who have food allergies!


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