A cure for the common diaper rash... Breast milk!

I recently came across an interesting tip while looking for a way to get rid of my month old daughter's diaper rash. It wasn't a yeast related rash just your standard diaper rash and it would improve slightly when I aired her bum out periodically. The drugstore diaper creams weren't working so I was beginning to get anxious as to what I should do.

After extensive research online, I came across an interesting piece of information. Apparently breast milk helps to clear diaper rashes if applied generously to the rash area and allowed to air dry. I was aware of some of the healing properties of breastmilk, such as eye and ear infections as well as stuffy noses however diaper rashes? I hadn't heard of that one before although it would make sense considering that it is sterile and antibacterial.

Well I tried it today and applied the milk to her bottom after two diaper changes. The first time I applied it I saw a significant difference. Her bottom wasn't as red and parts of the rash had faded. The second time I saw even more of an improvement and her rash is almost completely gone! I am completely thrilled and so relieved that my baby's bum is healing so nicely!

It amazes me how my body can provide such a perfect food for my baby, keep her from getting sick and at the same time help to heal her little body. Breastmilk truly is "liquid gold".


The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

I have a friend who put her own breast milk in her eye and it cured her pink eye!!! Breast milk is amazing stuff!!

Deb said...

i didn't know that, but i certainly don't question it! i guess it has to be almost miraculous to keep our babies growing strong and healthy.

thanks for linking up!

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