Now I am a huge fan of Etsy!  For those of you who aren't familiar, Etsy  is a wonderful community of talented artists selling handcrafted and handmade items.  There are many unique ideas for gifts as everything is truly one of a kind. 

I try to buy homemade items off Etsy or support WAHM websites as much as possible. There are some beautiful wooden toys on Etsy for an excellent price. Much less then most retail stores. I purchased a few for my daughter for Christmas which she was thrilled with. There are also some really cute patterns for making dolls, felt food, clothing and other items for an excellent price. Whats neat about purchasing the patterns online is they are emailed in pdf format so you can print them over and over again! Soaps, clothing, jewelry, bath and beauty products, toys and the list goes on. Some sellers even offer order to custom listings!
I love the fact that I am supporting such a wonderful and talented group of people instead of the big name department stores. 

This video is an excellent introduction to Etsy and a must watch! 


Meags said...

Nadia! I adore Etsy!!!

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