Eco Green develops the industry's first methanol free 100% plant based windshield washer fluid


Daimer Industries has developed the industry's first 100% plant based, methanol free windshield washer fluid. It is completely biodegradable and is part of a new line of green windshield washes. The chemical comes from plants and vegetables and is completely free of solvents, synthetics, VOCs, and ozone depleting substances.
All of Eco-Green® products are biodegradable. The green chemicals used biodegrade by 90% in 28 days. This is around 50% faster than most competitors according to a recent test performed by an internationally known laboratory. High levels of safety have been noted by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) hazard diamond.

Eco-Green® green chemicals employ a unique Micro-Blasting® technology, which uses nano-based particles, 1/80,000 the thickness of human hair, to penetrate unwanted substances and pierce the carbon bonds holding dirt and grease molecules together. Eco-Green® windshield washer fluids will not damage vehicle paint, car wax, rubber or plastics.

This product is available in super concentrated or ready to use formulas. They also carry specific solutions designed for summer weather or cold weather (up to -25 C).

In addition to windshield washer fluids, Daimer® offers super-concentrated green cleaners in the Eco-Green® transportation line: Heavy-Duty Car Wash, Carpet Care, Upholstery Cleaner, Adhesive & Ink Remover, Ultra-Power™ Super Duty Degreaser, Multi-Purpose Hard Surface Cleaner, Glass and Multi Surface Cleaner.

Companies that would like to sell Eco-Green® windshield wiper fluids or green cleaning chemicals can learn more about the products online at Questions and requests for additional information can be directed to Matthew Baratta by calling (888) 507-2220.



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