An interesting look at KFC's shocking new sandwich courtesy of ZeitGeist


I honestly don't understand why this type of thing continues to shock me. Huge companies are producing products in which there is absolutely zero nutrition whatsoever, and yet here we are eating this garbage! KFC's bowl mentioned in the video above has over 720 calories and contains 1 1/2 times your daily fat allowance. Grease in a bowl! I can't comprehend why we continuously insist upon killing ourselves by pouring this so called "food" down our throats, while complaining about our health. It is one of life's great mysteries.


Anonymous said...

Yuaaghh...His last remark made me laugh though.

Nadia said...

Ha! Me as well. I laughed a couple of times throughout that clip.

Beck said...

Have you seen this? (language warning, though.)

It's not THAT mysterious.
We are programmed to want fat. Fat triggers off the pleasure sensors in our brains and our inner ability to feel sated. So the normal human drive is to want to eat food - of course, fat didn't used to be this easily obtained AND people were more active. Restaurant chains have no stake in our health and an economic incentive to keep shovelling this crap down our throats - and because it's cheap, economically vulnerable people tend to drift towards it.

Not only are healthy foods more expensive, they also require more effort and time to prepare AND are not as satisfying to a palate that has been raised up on high-fat, high-salt, high-sugar restaurant foods. As long as our culture requires two incomes for households to even function, I don't see this situation fixing itself any time soon.

Beck said...

Not "eat food." "EAT FAT."

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