Tanning beds will raise the risk of Cancer?

The International Agency for Research on Cancer, which is an expert committee who researches various issues and makes recommendations to the World Health Organization, tested sunbeds and sunlamps previously and released a statement stating that they are "probably carcinogenic to humans". They have now confirmed that tanning beds are in fact carcinogenic to humans. The new assessment is putting these artificial sun beds on the same level as smoking or exposure to asbestos!
Simon Davies, chief executive of the Teenage Cancer Trust said: "We are concerned that young people are using sunbeds more and more to get a tan and would urge them to avoid them at all costs."

The Government of England is currently reviewing proposals to ban the use of sun beds from people under the age of 18. A similar ban has already been approved in Scotland.

Kathy Banks, chief executive of the Sunbed Association, said: "The relationship between ultraviolet exposure and an increased risk of developing skin cancer is only likely to arise where over-exposure - burning - has taken place.

"However, research has shown that over 80% of sunbed users are very knowledgeable about the risks associated with over-exposure to ultraviolet and the majority of sunbed users take 20 or less sunbed sessions a year."A Department of Health spokesperson said: "Sunbeds can be dangerous - we must ensure that people who use them do so safely. If necessary we will look at new laws to protect young people."

According to Dr. Mercola's website,
"The latest press release about ultraviolet radiation and tanning beds being deemed “definite causes of cancer” was based on an IARC group meeting, NOT on a new study. As the Indoor Tanning Association stated in its recent press release:

“Media reports comparing indoor tanning to toxins like mustard gas, cigarettes, and arsenic are outrageously overhyped. The same “group 1” category includes red wine, salted fish, and regular sunlight -- so these sensational headlines are as absurd as saying ‘A glass of merlot is as deadly as mustard gas.’”

Please visit this excellent article by Dr. Mercola. It is important to know all of the facts before jumping to conclusions. I think Mercola has done extensive research on this topic and highly recommend you take a peek!


Are Tanning Beds Really as Dangerous as Arsenic and Mustard Gas?


Mercola's Safe Tanning Beds said...

There are studies to prove just the opposite: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2009/08/18/Are-Tanning-Beds-Really-as-Dangerous-as-Arsenic-and-Mustard-Gas.aspx

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