Condo units in Winnipeg receive Gold certification from LEED

Four condo units at 193 Horace Street in the St. Boniface neighborhood in Winnipeg, have achieved international certification and a gold rating under LEED.

Leed (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a certification program for green construction.

Cam Dobie, the president of Winnipeg-based Dobie Properties who built the units says that they are the first homes in Manitoba as well as the first low-rise multi-family units in Western Canada to achieve the highest LEED rating.

"Our company's passion for green building has been fuelled by the fact that we believe it contributes to everyone's quality of life. We also know it's beneficial to a homeowner's pocketbook in the long run," Dobie stated in a news release.

The LEED designation was awarded by the Manitoba chapter of the Canada Green Building Council. Among the ECO4 units' green accomplishments, the council cited the development for:

* The site on an existing infill lot in a historical neighborhood.
* Including a radon protection system.
* Low volatile organic compound finishes in paint, carpeting and flooring.
* Durable, super-insulated double walls with an R50 rating.
* A rooftop patio for green and outdoor living.
* A geothermal heating and cooling system and triple-pane windows, reducing energy consumption up to 70 per cent.
* A heat-recovery ventilation system.
* Water-efficient low-flow plumbing fixtures.
* Landscaping with plants that don't spread and require little watering.
* A location in an established neighborhood within walking distance of most amenities.
The ECO4 units are already sold out. Dobie Properties is preparing to build two more of the units in St. Boniface and Osborne Village to meet a growing demand.



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