Stylish Ovetto Recycling Bin


What a cute recycling bin!

Italian architect, Gianluca Soldi is the designer of the Ovetto recycling bin. Named after the Italian word for ‘egg’ this item is made from recycled plastic and consists of three compartments and a bottle crusher to compress waste with ease.

Perfect for use in the green office or around the home, the bin rotates round its central axis.

Nominated for the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum, National Design Awards and 'Peoples Choice Award', this unit is made up of recycled plastic is available in three different glossy colors:

Off-white (made from a min of 40% and a max. of 70% recycled plastic.

Off-white with red, blue and green lids and doors

Off-white with brown, blue and yellow lids and doors

Each compartment has a door for bag removal and a small upper opening with a cover for waste deposit. The covers close tightly so that bad odours cannot escape.

Standard supermarket shopping bags can be inserted into each of the compartments for ease of use.

The units measure 84 cm height x 45 cm diameter and the capacity of compartments are between 15/17 litres each.

This item can be purchased at Ecocentric.

Thank you Lisa for providing this information!


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