New ad campaign asks New Yorkers if they are "Pouring on the pounds"


The New York City Health Department is facing New Yorkers with a bold question: Are you pouring on the pounds? This new campaign which includes multilingual Health bulletin and posters being put up in the subway system is set to run for three months.

The image shown above is a reminder on how sugary drinks such as soda, sweetened ice tea and sports drinks can turn into fat, leading into obesity and other health related issues. A 20 oz bottle of soda contains 16 1/2 teaspoons of sugar and zero nutrients whatsoever. It is truly liquid fat.

On average, Americans now consume 200 to 300 more calories each day than we did 30 years ago. Nearly half of these extra calories come from sugar-sweetened drinks.

Below is a chart from the campaign showing the amounts of sugar in various drinks.

So now the question is, Are you pouring on the pounds?


Thank you to Lisa for sharing this information!


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