Trainer on NBC's Biggest Loser turns Vegetarian


The Examiner has reported that Bob Harper from NBC's The Biggest Loser has recently gone vegetarian! In a brief interview featured in the September '09 issue of Vegetarian Times, Harper says that his cholesterol has dropped 100 points due to his change in diet.

He decided to turn vegetarian after reading books such as, The Blue Zones, Skinny Bitch (one of my favorites!) and The Engine 2 diet.

In late July, Harper posted a couple of "tweets" on Twitter that left people wondering:

Try using Almond Milk today instead of cow's milk today. It is a healthy alternative and tastes GREAT!!

Try choosing a cheese alternative today to replace your regular one. You will be surprised how great some of them taste, my fav, vegan rella.

The entire article can be read in the latest issue of Vegetarian Times.



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