Eco Flora offers Fair trade, organic and wildcrafted flower arrangements in the Toronto area


If you are in the GTA area and are looking for an eco-friendly florist, take a peak at Eco Flora.

Eco Flora is based offers in store as well as online services to clients in the Toronto area. They sell wildcrafted, certified organic as well as fair trade flowers grown without additional chemicals.

If you choose to have your flowers delivered, they are wrapped in reusable paper and compostable cellophane. Eco Flora also offers their florist services for weddings, parties or special events.

There are many chemicals that are used in flower production. These include many pesticides, herbicides, fungicides that are banned in Canada. There can be 10 to 100 times the pesticide residues on cut flowers than on the food that is imported from these same countries because of the fact that flowers are not eaten. Some of the chemicals used include methyl bromide to ensure no there are no insects on the flowers when they reach North America. These are examples of the dozens of the chemicals used in cut flower production outside of North America.

There are negative effects to the local environment, the flower farm workers, florists and ultimately the flower buyer. Farm workers and florists have experienced illness from exposure to toxic chemicals used on flowers.

Another great thing about this company is that they only use cool, eclectic, secondhand containers. If you are a holding a larger event and are looking for a uniform look throughout the event they will make an exception and use new containers.

I think this is a marvelous idea and hope to see more eco-friendly florists pop up in the near future!

Check out Eco Flora for more information.


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