FilterPave" Eco-friendly pavement made from recycled glass


Presto Geosystems, a Wisconsin-based company has created an eco-friendly pavement made from recycled beer bottles and other glass, provided by municipal recycling facilities. 70-90 bottles are used every square foot of pavement. This product has gained interest in architects due to the attractiveness provided by the various coloured glass.

This "FilterPave" is also 40 percent porous which means it can trap pollutants that are usually swept into drains and streams. It also has the ability to keep pavement cool as it retains water thus helping to combat the "heat island" effect.
"It's like a Rice Krispies bar," said Bill Handlos, director of Presto Geosystems, which started making FilterPave last year.

"It's very sparkly, very twinkly," he said. "It's quite attractive."
A 1,000-square-foot walkway was poured last week at the Morton Arboretum. They are in the middle of testing a few different types of eco-friendly pavement before making its final selection.



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