Nation's leading egg producer's horrific, inhumane treatment of baby chicks caught on tape


The video below is NOT for the faint of heart and shouldn't be watched by children. It shows hundreds of male chicks being ground up alive.

The egg industry has always been known as one of the most inhumane on the planet, however Chicago-based animal rights group Mercy for Animals has publicized the practices of the Nation's leading egg producer, Hy-Line North America's horrific treatment of baby chicks.
A Mercy for Animals employee who got a job at the plant shot the video using a hidden camera and microphone. It shows a Hy-Line worker casually sorting through a conveyor belt of fluffy chirping chicks, "flipping some of them into a chute like a poker dealer flips cards."

Hy-Line admitted to the Associated Press that "instantaneous euthanasia" (e.g. grinding up male chicks) is a standard practice and claims that it is also supported by the animal veterinary and scientific community. (Male chicks are less valuable because they can't lay eggs or be raised quickly enough for meat.) Mercy for Animals estimates that 200 million male chicks are killed annually and United Egg Producers confirmed this figure.
Mercy for Animals has since sent letters to 50 of the USA's largest grocery store chains such as Walmart, Whole Foods, Safeway, Harris Teeter and Trader Joe's, asking them to place a label on all egg cartons that says: "Warning: Male chicks are ground-up alive by the egg industry."
Mitch Head, spokesman for United Egg Producers, told the Associated Press that Mercy for Animals had no credible authority in addition to having questionable motives. "This is a group which espouses no egg consumption by anyone." He also offered to provide the unwanted 200 million male chicks to "anyone who wants them," adding that no current market exists.

No federal law ensures the humane euthanasia of animals on farms or hatcheries. According to the Humane Society of the United States, even egg farms that sell cage-free eggs, get their hens from hatcheries that kill their male chicks. (This to me is the worst news of all because it means few commercially sold eggs are truly "blood-free.")
I think more people should be educated as to where their "food" truly comes from. This is terribly horrific and sickening.



bekki1820cb said...

This is absolutely horrible. I only get my eggs from my landlord who had about 15 chicken that lay eggs...I hardley ever buy my eggs anymore. But after seeing this, I really don't think that I even want to eat eggs anymore...or chicken for that matter. I would rescue them all if I could. Thanks for sharing this enlightening video with us. Rebecca

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