Ontario Cell Phone Ban In Effect October 26th


The Government of Ontario has banned all cellphone use while driving. The new law will take effect October 26, 2009, however a three-month "education period" will follow the enforcement. Starting February 1, 2010, drivers will be fined up to $500 for chatting, dialing, texting or emailing on hand-held devices.

Driver are four times more likely to be involved in an automobile accident if they are using a cellphone. Dialing and texting is even more dangerous!

"It is not safe to be texting, emailing or dialing a phone when you are driving a vehicle. Now it is also illegal," said Transportation Minister Jim Bradley in a news release.

Emergency services workers, including police, paramedics and firefighters will be exempt from the hand-held ban and drivers will be allowed to use their hand-held phones to call 911.

People under 35 are most guilty of using their phones and BlackBerries while driving.



Emily B said...

Finally! This will make our roads safer.

Neil Kevin said...

Its good decision taken by the government. Certainly accident will be reduced.


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