Pregnancy Loss Remembrance Day October 15th

On October 15 of every year, at 7 p.m. your time, light a candle for one hour in memory of our babies who were lost far too soon. As each time zone extinguishes their candles and the next one lights theirs, we create a continuous wave of light around the world to remember our angels.

Did You Know?

* 983,000 babies died in 1996, from miscarriage and stillbirth.
* In 1995, 15.7% of pregnancies ended in fetal demise, miscarriage or stillbirth.
* Those figures don't include neonatal loss, SIDS, or other causes.*

*According to The Center for Disease Control Trends in Pregnancies and Pregnancy Rates by Outcome Vital Health Stat (21)56 done in January 2000

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