Eco-Friendly Waldorf Wooden Toy Kitchens


We are loving these eco-friendly, custom-made play kitchens from Imagine That Woodshop on Etsy. Imaginative play is at its finest!

Each kitchen is painted or stained with AP certified non toxic paints and stains. If an item needs glue or filler, we use Elmer's products that list "no known hazardous substances in product" in their MSDS sheets. Every products is then finished with beeswax and mineral oil (optional if you prefer it to be left unfinished).

One of our favorite of the many models available is Melissa's Waldorf Style Kitchen With A Pull Out.


Large upper shelves complete with plate grove to display plates on side if they wish.
Stainless steel sink
Faucet and cooking knobs turn for realist play.
Stove has 2 large 4 7/8" and 2 small 3 ½" burners.
Easy grip handles on bottom doors.
Bottom doors feature hinges with extra mounting points for increased strength.
Oven door feature high strength plastic insert to view oven contents.
Has a pull out on the side.
Edges are rounded for safety.
Unit are finished in a child safe finish.
All wood construction using ¾ inch Northern Pine.

Approximate Dimensions:
35” tall
12” deep
25” wide

"We sell more custom units then standard units and each item is made in the USA as the order is received. Each kitchen is hand crafted by one woodcrafter and he puts a high level of craftsmanship into each unit. It could take up to 4 to 6 weeks depending on the volume of sales."

Price: $194.99

Be sure to check out the Imagine That Wood Shop on Etsy for more wonderful wooden toys! They currently have a sale on their Wooden Irons ($5 each).


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