Hold Put On Breast Milk Donations To Haiti


The urgent call for human milk donations has recently been put on hold.

Safety has become an issue due to the unstable situation in Haiti as the lack of space and electricity pose a risk. In the U.S., donors are rigorously screened beforehand. The milk is then pasteurized, processed and frozen before being distributed on dry ice to sick babies across the country. Like cows milk, breast milk will become rancid if left unrefrigerated.

The unfortunate news from all of this is that 500 ounces of the breast milk donated to the U.S. Navy ship Comfort in Haiti will go unused.

Growing Your Baby reports:
A spokesperson for the American Red Cross says the milk was not requested. Officials are asking women who have inquired about donating breast milk to Haiti after the earthquake to hold off on donations for now.
Source: Growing Your Baby


Kristanna said...

I don't think though that donating your breast milk will be a good idea. It will have to stay frozen to stay fresh, and then the person using it will have to warm it up. Since both of those things take equipment and electricity I think it may make your gift logistically hard to implement. It will be hard (and probably expensive) for whoever you donate to to keep it frozen while they transport it, and then when it gets to Haiti they will have to find a place to keep it frozen. Then who ever they give the milk to will have to find a way to safely prepare the milk. It seems that the work involved negates most of the value of the gift.
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