New from Swisstrax! Recycled Rubber Tile Flooring


A program that is partially funded by the State of California, Swisstrax’s recycled rubber flooring tiles project produces interlocking recycled flooring tiles made from PolyDyne Engineered Rubber Powder, a product derived from recycled rubber tires.

Buyers of specialty flooring products are unique and demand superior performance, and Swisstrax states their recycled rubber flooring tiles are designed to be one of the longest-lasting, highest value flooring systems in the world, and they have laboratory testing to prove the strength and durability of their garage floor tiles.

Randy Nelson, Owner of Swisstrax flooring tiles, noted “Our goal is to remove hundreds of thousands of tires from landfills annually while keeping millions of cubic yards of recyclable materials from reaching those landfills. On an annual basis, we help reduce greenhouse gases by millions of tons of carbon."

Since manufacturing began in the United States, Swisstrax has been chosen by AVIS, Mini USA dealerships nationwide as their garage flooring of choice for showrooms. US Armed Forces, Ferrari, Bobby Unser Racing, Grand Am, American Le Mans, Mini USA, Ford Motor Company, and most recently, SNAP-ON and Shelby Automobiles are just some of the clients to take advantage of the distinctive look of the Swisstrax’s garage flooring line.

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Garage Floors said...

That's a good looking floor, and look at those motorcycles! It's good to see more companies going green.

Synthetic Turf said...

Thats a great step to green!. I pray the projects like these save earth. And be a symbol of caring.

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